Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are a stylish and functional addition to any room, promoting the sensation of spaciousness while increasing levels of light. As a result, they’re a popular fixture in many homes and businesses across Melbourne.

If you’re looking for the perfect wall mirror to fulfil your needs, Design Inferno Glass is the best destination. We provide mirrors that are designed and manufactured locally in Melbourne, with a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. Whether you need to create the illusion of space in a room or simply want to add the perfect finishing touch, our mirrors are sure to fulfil your requirements while exuding style and elegance wherever they’re placed.

Our popular standard-style mirrors include:

  • Polished
  • Bevelled 10, 15, 20, 25, 30mm options
  • Aluminium Framed
  • DIGA Glow mirror

Feature Mirrors

Design Inferno Glass specialises in feature mirrors that are carefully put together to give an area a prestigious appearance. Suitable for bathrooms, hallways, or just about anywhere in the home, our feature mirrors are also customisable to suit your preferred size and colour. Our designs for these include the following:

  • Strip Mirror
  • Formed Glass framed mirror
  • Wall Mirrors
  • Design mirror (dr Kabir)
  • Custom made glow mirror with Oceania texture

Design Inferno Glass can also custom make a mirror of your own personal design – simply call into our Melbourne showroom to discuss your ideas with our friendly staff, or get in touch through our contact page.

Browse Our Designs

Below you can find some of the various mirror styles and designs we’ve created in the past

Deco Mirror 1

Deco Mirror

Deco Mirror 2

Deco Mirror


Glow Mirror


Mirror - Formed


Mirror Texture - Oceania

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Design Inferno is rated4.9/5 based on 9 Customer Reviews