Frameless vs. Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Screens in Melbourne

Frameless vs Semi Frameless Showers

A shower screen in your home is an investment. You may ask how is this so? By choosing the correct shower for your home it may save you money in the long run. A shower like your bed is used daily and needs to stand the test of time. Who wants repairs after a short period of time, or an ill-fitting shower leaking and damaging other areas of your home. I know I don’t!

Here at Design Inferno Glass we measure each shower area carefully, so whether you choose a Frameless Shower or a Semi Frameless shower it is made for your home. Box showers(framed) purchased off the shelf may seem like a less costly option at the time, however they allow for no error in walls and either leak, don’t fit at all or have unsightly caulking to fill the gaps.

What we need to consider

When comparing Frameless vs Semi Frameless showers, we need to consider what is right for our home. Hence, it should be aesthetically pleasing, practical and of course cost comes into the equation.


Frameless showers and fixed panels will always be a great choice if your budget allows. They comprise of 10mm toughened safety glass and hardware fittings that will enable your shower to last a lifetime. This product is so sturdy, durable, have structural integrity which ensures safety even for those of us who are ageing or those with a disability. I can attest to this, having a daughter with special needs who requires added stability. Frameless shower screens are the easiest shower to clean with no aluminum tracks to clean and in todays times we are already so time poor. The down side to this product is that its price is higher due to the glass thickness and quality of the hardware we install.


Semi Frameless screens on the other hand are more economical to a buyer and are also a great shower screen. In terms of cleaning they are much improved from the old school type of shower screen, comprising of aluminum channels connecting each piece of glass. The Semi frameless door pivots in and out just like a frameless shower and has no aluminum surrounding the perimeter. Semi Frameless shower screens have aluminum to the surrounds of the shower screens on all four sides for added stability. People also find these showers extremely pleasing to the eye, with aluminum being colour matched to other hardware within the bathroom. It comprises of 6mm toughened glass and again high quality hardware. These shower screens are site measured and made right here in our factory.


Honestly whichever way you choose to proceed Design Inferno Glass will provide you with a quality product at a reasonable price.

  • Both shower types are aesthetically pleasing
  • Both shower types are easy to clean. (frameless is somewhat easy)
  • Frameless is 10mm glass and semi frameless is 6mm glass (Design inferno quality)
  • Both are durable due it’s toughened glass and hardware is tested for durability
  • Both shower types are in vogue

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