Glass Splashbacks Vs Wall Tiles

When it comes to kitchen design, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed due to the amount of options in the market to choose from. A seemingly simple aspect such as whether to choose glass splashbacks or wall tiles can be a contentious topic. So what do you need to know about glass splashbacks and wall tiles? Design Inferno provides a brief breakdown.

Glass Splashbacks

An increasingly popular choice for Melbourne homes, a glass splashback is typically installed around stovetops, and sinks. It offers a modern look, reflecting light brilliantly to give your kitchen a sense of spatial vastness and brightness. Many people prefer to install glass splashbacks, as they are easy to clean and maintain – you won’t need to worry about grout that is typically found with wall tiles. Furthermore, splashbacks allow a great freedom in styles, as not only are there an endless amount of colours to choose from, but you can also choose a printed glass splashback of your favourite image if desired.

Although glass splashbacks are easy to clean, they are more susceptible to smudges, which can mean they may require frequent cleaning.

Wall Tilesn

Wall tiles also offer flexibility in terms of variety, size, colours and patterns. They give your kitchen a more traditional look and can save you money, as they are significantly cheaper than glass splashbacks. However, a drawback with wall tiles is that grout stains can build up in between tiles. If left untreated over time the grout stains can become difficult to remove and looks unsightly.

Ultimately, the choice of glass splashbacks or wall tiles for your kitchen is up to your individual tastes and budget. But if you’re looking for a reputable glass splashback supplier in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Design Inferno Glass. We offer high-quality splashbacks and can even provide helpful recommendations to suit your needs. Call us now on (03) 9336 7703 or get in touch with us via our online contact form today.

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