Tips for Choosing the Right Colour Kitchen Glass Splashback in Melbourne

Whether you’re renovating an existing kitchen or constructing a new one from scratch, one of the biggest design choices you’ll have to make is the splashback. In addition to being highly functional and protecting walls from cooking splashes and spills, splashbacks can also be decorative, making it vital to make the right choice for your kitchen. But if you’ve opted for a stylish glass splashback, how do you decide which colour you should go with? This blog post from Design Inferno Glass provides some helpful tips for choosing the perfect colour for your glass splashback in Melbourne.

Look at the Rest of Your Kitchen

The best place to start is by looking at the rest of your kitchen so you can choose a colour that complements any other colours present. For example, you might opt for black glass to match your glossy black cabinetry, or plain white to contrast against a dark countertop.

Choose Your Favourite Colour

Often, the splashback provides an opportunity to add a splash of colour to your kitchen. For this reason, many people opt for their favourite colour to help personalise their kitchen and make it their own. Whether you choose something bright like pink or opt for a muted shade of blue or purple, choosing your favourite colour allows you to put your own stamp on your kitchen.

Opt for a Neutral Colour

If you don’t want your glass splashback in Melbourne to draw attention away from other kitchen features, you might prefer to go with a neutral colour. Options such as light grey, black and white are stylish without detracting from the rest of your kitchen.

Request Samples

To help visualise a certain colour glass splashback, it can be helpful to request glass samples in the colours you’re considering. You can then hold these samples up in your kitchen to determine which colour best suits the space.

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