Why choose glass splashbacks?

Toughened glass splashbacks offer the best of both worlds when compared with tiles. They are elegant, easier to clean, tougher and more hygienic.

Glass splashbacks are custom made. You decide where, why and how.

Glass is extremely reflective giving your home or area a much more spacious appearance. Interestingly this keeps our mind at peace.

When it comes to colours the sky is the limit. All you need to know is the correct name and brand of paint.

Why stop only at just a painted glass splashback? You can find the perfect picture and print it on the glass, to give your space a special touch. Why only have a flat glass splashback? You can have it textured for a 3D effect that will become an art piece in its own right.

1. Why are they easy to clean?

Which ever the design you choose the front of your splashback is just smooth glass. Splashbacks have no grout to clean. Lets face it spaghetti sauce is not flattering in your grout lines. Simply clean your splashback with a simple detergent and wipe dry.

2. Why hygienic?

Glass is naturally resistant to water. Hence, germs will not have the dampness required for breeding. Also the smoothness of the surface makes it harder for dirt to build up. Other reasons to choose a glass splashbacks?

1. Cost effective

Though the product seems more expensive than tiles initially. The time to install is very minimal which in essence saves you money. Also, installation of the tiles, glue and grout must also be taken into consideration when assessing cost.

2. Hassel free installation

It is not a messy install like tiling or cutting plasterboard. It only requires the pre-made glass splashback and silicone. Hence, it is highly time efficient and creates no mess.

3. Safety regulations

The toughened 6mm glass splashbacks have a Grade-A Safety Rating.

4. Professional advice

It’s always better to have an organization who can provide expert advice before you start the project. Once the glass is toughened you are unable to make further changes.

When you are selecting a colour, pattern or a picture, you must always think in a broader scale. If you plan to sell your property in the near future then a neutral splashback may be the way to go. However, if your ultimate plan is to reside in the property long term, then make yourself happy not others

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