Open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 4.00 Closed on the weekend and public holidays for Victoria

Open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 4.00 Closed on the weekend and public holidays for Victoria

Glass Floors

Glass Floors in Melbourne from the Glass Flooring Professionals

Glass flooring is a great alternative to standard floor applications. The use of internal glass flooring speaks of luxury, creating an ambience of warmth while still maintaining a contemporary architectural look. Perfect for commercial areas as well as the home, glass floors offer both versatility and style, possessing the ability to open up any area to natural light.

The team of professional glaziers at Design Inferno Glass have all the necessary experience and knowledge to measure and install quality glass floors in Melbourne. We place a sacrificial layer on top of the structural glass to allow for fast and easy replacement should the glass become marked or scratched, resulting in a lower cost compared to replacing the entire floor. Alternatively, the glass we provide can be installed by any qualified glazier who has adequate experience with trafficable glass. 

A Wide Range of Styles

We make glass for internal glass floors and can provide a variety of glass styles and thicknesses to suit your specific preferences. Choose from a clear or frosted finish, with options including Starphire and Clear Float glass.

Please note that we do not specify, supply or install frames or supports for your glass floor. We recommend consulting a builder or structural engineer for installation, after which we can measure for the glass panels. Keep in mind that the frame must provide support to every panel of glass on every edge by at least 30mm. 

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