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Open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 4.00 We are closed from 22nd December 2022 to 16th January 2023

Open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 4.00 Closed on the weekend and public holidays for Victoria

Open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 4.00 We are closed from 22nd December 2022 to 16th January 2023

Glass Splashbacks – Design by name, designed by you

Plain & Printed Glass Splashbacks

Design Inferno Glass has an extensive range available to create 6mm toughened glass splashbacks.

Whether you want calming blues for the bathroom or a vibrant rainbow of colours for a kitchen splashback, we can turn your ideas into reality and help colour your life. In addition to offering a range of glass splashbacks colours, we can also personalise your splashback with unique patterns and designs.

Come to our showroom to see our extensive range, including coloured back, mirrored, digital printed, and the uniqueness of slump/textured glass splashbacks.

Glass splashbacks are truly a beautiful way to finish off any wet area, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, laundry or even your alfresco area. Anywhere that tiles go, plain or printed glass splashbacks can be used. Easy to clean and hygienic with no unsightly grout marks, glass is a superior looking finish for any area. The high gloss finish also ensures the lustre of any splashback for years to come.

For installation of kitchen glass splashbacks in Melbourne, please refer to the following link:

Ref: for (AS/NZS 2208 Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings)

Check out our gallery for ideas.

Our Custom Glass Splashbacks Collection

Coloured Back

Solid and metallic coloured glass splashbacks are the ultimate glass splashbacks for those who love colour. Choose from our standard colour range on either Clear Float Glass or Starphire Glass.

For those who are unable to find their colour amongst our range, simply select any paint colour from a current paint brand and we’ll match it. Your choices are endless! We also have our own exclusive coloured back range. 

Quazi Pearl

Our Quazi Pearl range is one of the most exciting colour ranges on the market. Superior in both quality and colour technology, this colour range is a must-see product. In most applications boasting both interior and exterior suitability, our Quazi range of glass splashbacks colours truly leads the pack.

Quazi colours not only have a beautiful shimmer, but some have what we call a 2-colour flip, creating a living splashback. This often looks the best on slumped glass, with the multiple surfaces allowing the light and the two colours to bounce off at different angles. The multi tonal facets of Quazi colours are highlighted differently depending on the time of day. Always beautiful and always changing, you will never get bored of a Quazi pearl! 

Silk Effect

The silk effect is a very unique application within the glass industry and is only available in a selected number of the Quazi pearl colours. The design is created using the two colours of the flip and the light and dark shadowing. Stunningly beautiful in both Chameleon colour QB and Shantilly QAM, choose one of our living kitchen splashbacks in Melbourne today. 

Quazi pearl colour –
QB Chameleon with silk effect

2CP & 3CP– 2 Colour Process, 3 Colour Process

The 2 & 3CP range is an exciting gallery of designs using two or three colours to create art in your kitchen glass splashback. The CP range look is achieved by using either our standard designs, in colours of your choice, or for a little extra, invent your own concept and we’ll design something special just for you.

2CP Black on white- Cherry Blossom

Toughened Mirror Glass Splashback

Mirror splashbacks are the ultimate glass splashbacks for creating the illusion of space, making the area appear bigger. Colour choices include Silver, Classic, Grey, Euro Grey & Bronze.

Digital Printed Glass Splashback

We also call this Digi Print. Be creative, as options are limitless for the Digi print splashback.

Slump Glass Splashback

Design Inferno Glass is the industry specialist when it comes to slump / textured glass. Choose from our standard designs, or custom design your own unique slump glass splashback. Texture is the perfect way to showcase any design, making our slump kitchen glass splashbacks in Melbourne a popular choice. The best results for slumped glass splashbacks are achieved by choosing a metallic or Quazi pearl colours backing. The choices are endless and the designs are fabulous!
Splashbacks are the modern alternative to tiles. They are clean, available in any shape and colour, and create a visually stunning feature for your kitchen, bathroom, bar, laundry or any other room you can think of.
Simply do a quick sketch of the Splashback you would like quoted and either email or fax it to us with your name, address and contact details. Be sure to include sizes of glass panels, as well as any holes, powerpoints and cutouts. For full details of the drawing specifications Design Inferno require, download the Splashback drawing specifications sheet by clicking here (pdf)
Yes. A Formed glass splashback can turn an ordinary wall into a work of art. Formed Glass is as easy to clean as flat (the front face is smooth) and retains the same strength as flat glass.
For best results, Design Inferno recommend qualified Glaziers for Splashback installation, Design Inferno can of course also install your splashback.
No. Design Inferno will only quote Labour once we have been on-site and seen the job.
There are no standard sizes, Design Inferno custom make every single Splashback to suit your home.
Glass is a completely non porous material and a specially developed paint is required to achieve the correct finish. Normal paints will stick to glass, but will deteriorate over time and may also have a chemical reaction with the adhesive used in Splashback installations. Paint applied to glass by Design Inferno is guaranteed for 10 years.
Colour is limited only by your imagination. Design Inferno can also colour match any visual reference. Design Inferno have a wide selection of Solid, Metallic and Pearl colours, or simply bring a sample of the colour you would like and Design Inferno will match it for you.
Yes. All Splashbacks fitted by Design Inferno are guaranteed for 10 years against colour delamination and for 90 days for installation. Splashbacks are not covered for breakage due to impact. Gas burners that are less than 200mm from the glass, or cooking appliance that have been installed with the large burner at the rear will void the colour warranty. If a large burner is placed at the rear of the cooking appliance, this will sometimes cause discolouration in the painted splashback, due the the extreme heat this puts onto the glass. Design Inferno Glass uses the best possible glass paint available, however no paint-for-glass product can avoid discolouration to the splashback where the rear burner is closer than 200mm to the glass, or where the large burner has been placed at the rear of the cooking appliance.
Your Splashback is the very last thing to be installed. Design Inferno will only measure up the area after everything else (bench tops, cabinets, rangehood etc.) have been fitted.
Every Glass Splashback is made to fit your home perfectly. From the time Design Inferno come out and measure the area, most splashbacks are ready to install within three to five weeks. However, these times should only be used as a guide and may be subject to change due to a wide variety of circumstances.
Cutting Processing (shape cut outs, GPO cut outs and polishing glass) Texturing (if applicable) Toughening (is a fragile process, the glass is heated to an extremely high temperature and then rapidly cooled, during this stage panels can sometimes break) Spray painting Quality Control (QC) (ensures that your product is of a high standard)
  • If a panel breaks during toughening we need to re-cut, process and toughen the glass.
  • We have strict quality control guidelines so during each stage the glass is inspected. If found to be inadequate we re-make or re-do the stage.
Cleaning a Glass splashback is simple. Just use a soft cloth and ordinary glass cleaner, such as Windex. If you have been doing some greasy cooking and you find that there is oil on the glass, put some dishwashing liquid on a cloth and wipe the glass down with this before cleaning with the glass cleaner.


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