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Design Inferno Glass is your one-stop destination in Melbourne for finding the perfect wall mirror for your lovely property. We have a wide variety of styles and patterns to elevate your space with elegance. Our wall mirror collection is crafted to showcase modern designs and excellent craftsmanship.
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Benefits of Choosing Design Inferno Wall Mirrors

Wide variety of styles and designs

Do you prefer simple modern wall mirrors or the ones that have an elegant, classic look? Don't worry; we have a wide range of selections to meet your preferences. Now, you can transform your space with wall mirrors in Melbourne with Design Inferno. We have a collection of mirror designs ranging from strips to framed mirrors.

Custom-sized to measures

At Design Inferno Glass, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we will provide custom wall mirrors to match your specific measurements. They will blend and fit your space perfectly. Now, you can enjoy a touch of individuality and improve the design of your lovely home or business place with your own ideas.

Polished & perfect finishing touch

Our glass wall mirrors have a flawless finish with perfect polishing. If you go through our collection, you can see for yourself that each mirror is designed with extra attention to detail. In other words, our collection is where perfect design meets with the best finishing. Let’s bring your wall mirror design ideas to life with Design Inferno.

Why You Should Choose Our Wall Mirrors

Processed locally in Melbourne

We are glad to say that our glass wall mirrors are processed in Melbourne. By choosing Design Inferno, you support local businesses and uplift the spirit of our vibrant city. Further, we understand the tastes and desires of the local community, so we can fulfill your needs well.

Customized to your requirements

At Design Inferno, we know that every space is unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of options to customize, so that you can get a mirror that perfectly matches your personal style and tastes. When you personalize your mirror designs, it will help to make your space look better and showcase your style.

Fitted with aluminium frames

With long-lasting durability in mind, we fit each mirror in a sleek aluminium frame that looks great and functional. These frames not only improve the appearance of the mirror but also provide sturdy support. Our wall mirrors in Melbourne are where durability meets elegance.

Options to choose

Our mirror collection at Design Inferno comes in a range of thicknesses & Colours: It’s up to you to decide what fits your style. We provide you with options to customize your mirror down to the last detail and create a piece that smoothly blends into your home decor.

Types of Our Wall Mirrors

Framed Mirrors

Our framed mirror range will make the space look better. Enjoy a perfect mix of style and function as each mirror is carefully made to add a touch of glitz to your walls. You can pick frames that go well with your home's style and show off your unique ideas.

Sandblasted Mirror

Experience the modern beauty of sandblasted mirrors with Design Inferno. These sleek and modern designs will take the word "simple" to a whole new level. They will make your walls look like works of art. Sandblasted mirrors are great for people who like the beauty of simplicity and modernity.

Bevelled Mirror

These beautiful mirrors are created with great care, using special techniques that brings an artistic touch to your space. The expert craftsmanship and unique designs will make these mirrors stand out in any room. When you pick Design Inferno, you're choosing prestige & style that can totally change how your home looks.

Floating Mirror

If you are looking at the current trends in Melbourne, floating mirrors will be in the centre of it. Two worlds of carpentry & glass have found synergy to create these elegant Floating Mirror. With Design Inferno, your options are limitless. If you visit our grand showroom in Melbourne we can help you decide.


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Are you ready to elevate your space with modern and high-quality glass solutions? Our team is ready to amaze you and take you beyond your expectations with innovative Wall Mirrors and other glass solutions. Reach out to us today to take your space to the next level with creativity, innovation and excellent craftsmanship. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are eager to bring your ideas to life.


About Wall Mirrors in Melbourne

It’s a glass that reflects the light back. Hence, you will see the surroundings you are in like an image
Take piece of glass and apply siver nitrate paint was the popular method taking over from Tin and Mercury mix application. Most modern mirrors use aluminium because it’s highly reflective compared to other methods
Interior designing is never complete without mirrors. Combined well with colour schemes and space, mirrors will make your area much brighter and spacious. Whether to spice up your entrance or brighten your lounge area wall, mirrors can be designed with variety of sizes and shapes
Depending on what it’s used for it can be custom made to be practical for the purpose. Some types are edge polished mirrors, bevel edged mirrors, vinyl back framed mirrors, mirrors on MDF, toughened mirrors for high trafic areas or splashbacks
Take some pictures of the area and visit our showroom. Either to blend in or stand out we can help you decide
Mirrors are not very expensive. Depending on the style, regulation and the purpose the price will vary
Always use profesional help when possible. Use the correct type of silicon and must look for practical issues before installing for safety and sustanance
When measuring mirrors you must look at the slope of the wall and the bench top or the floor. Depending on the size you might have to check on access issues to the area and have an idea about trasporting & maximum glass sizes


Meg F
Meg F
Currently doing some minor renovations and was wanting to install mirrored sliding wardrobe doors. I came across Design Inferno via a Google search. Would definitely recommend Design Inferno. Great customer service; the doors being ready and installed when I needed and were also within the budget I had in mind. I really appreciated Rocky’s honest opinion and vast experience when I was deciding on what I wanted. I ended up completing changing what I had initially wanted and glad I listened to him! The new wardrobe doors have made such a difference to my bedrooms.
Nicko A
Nicko A
Went above and beyond to assist with mirrored wardrobe sliding doors. Excellent customer service and follow up calls. Thankyou for all your help
Anthony Peiris
Anthony Peiris
The glass balustrade installation process was done amazing well. We are happy with the end result
Michael Staples
Michael Staples
Our experience with Design Inferno has been wonderful. The quality and range of glass is excellent and every contact we have had with staff; from the showroom, the measuring, progress communication and installation has been flawless. They are lovely people to do business with and they really care that their client is happy. The showroom is extensive and provides many options to consider. I would not hesitate to recommend this business.
Prince Fernando
Prince Fernando
Excellent service.Thanks You.
Shyana Liyanage
Shyana Liyanage
I am super happy with the mirror installations done by Design Inferno Glass Australia at @Salon Spirals. They were very professional and brought in high quality products and efficient services. The Salon looks beautiful with this upgrade.
Carmela Aparo
Carmela Aparo
The staff at Design Inferno Glass are very professional and easy to deal with. From the measure up of my shower screen to delivery I am very content with overall experience. Would highly recommend.
Miguel Barros
Miguel Barros
Excellent customer service, very professional, helpful, great products and workmanship. Installed 2 shower screens, kitchen splashback and 2 mirrors. Thank you !!
Saliya De Silva
Saliya De Silva
Very satisfied with the customer service. Due to a family requirement, we wanted the work done within a short time frame. Design Inferno did their best and got the job completed in time.
Lakmie Fernando
Lakmie Fernando
They did a mirrored sliding door for my walking robe. Excellent job. I am extremely satisfied with the end product and their service. I would recommend Design Inferno Glass to anyone.